Wedding cinematography has evolved a lot. We now have themes -Fully customized to your wedding, these themes of love are fastidiously created keeping your story at the very heart of it. Peppered with funny anecdotes, moments and drama, you’ll enjoy watching these films for years to come.


As we get old, our beautiful memories begin to fade. Most of the times, our memories get jumbled around and while while we may specifically remember a specific moment, the side features and details are gone forever to us over time. We grow older our many memories go vanish, but with wedding videography your special day is totally preserved and can be relished at any you wish.

Only photos and or extemporary non-professional recordings is not the best idea, not only do you miss the most of the essential events you also miss the sneak peek that is only acquired on video.

Along with the vows and exchange of rings, there are also the speeches, special events, the reception, as well as things behind the scenes that the happy couple may have missed.

Its an experience that had so many facets, the video with its multiple vantage points gives you a context to the whole setting. Who was doing what? Was that a look or was that a stare? Where were the friends at the time? What was the music that night? 

Was I walking or did I have a spring in my step that night?

 Wedding video captures every moment that so that years after your wedding day, you can experience, share and relish it.

We utilize professional equipment (comprising High Definition Cameras, if desired), and our staff has the knowledge to use it from years of experience, training, capturing hundreds of weddings and covering many live events.

Wedding Films have developed from traditional, cultural and blow-by-blow accounts of the wedding to highly tailored and thematic feature films of your wedding the method it deserves to be listed as memory. Our films absolutely complement our wedding photography and together will make a visual masterpiece that speaks the story of your wedding, one frame at a time.