WE ARE Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR

Team Vivekk Vikas is acknowledged to create the most creative, delicate and productive photography for every event and occasion according to needs.

Welcome to Vivekk Vikas Photography, where photography is about the moment, the feeling, the emotion, the aura and the bond, a captured moment is happiness enshrined.

Team Vivekk Vikas is known to create the most delicate, creative and immersive photographs for every facet of the event.

A moment frozen in candid and modern-day styles because we feel that it is the only way to capture the feeling with love & emotions as the story of the day unfolds.

While we are busy immortalizing these moments making sure that the narrative is engaging, natural and exceptional. Its time for a little family show – A little story from you comes into play. Your words, your own pour your starlight. Your stardust.

“A moment that is acquiring forever with this unnoticeable approach to our photography results in most engaging, natural and exceptional picture that tells stories. All the small little things will be remembered for the years to come. The huge scope of photographic information helps us to offer our customers with a fully incorporated editing design and layout solutions.”

For over the four decades, we are one of the constantly maturing memory merchants. We are one of the topmost ranked best candid wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. Over the year, we have filmed many innovative and high-grade wedding across the nation as per the changing tastes of our clientele.
Vivekk the engineer from MIT found his calling in capturing moments by believing in maintaining fitness and health naturally. Along with this, Vikas the MBA graduate from one of the reputed college took Photography as the best way to experience and explore new places, meeting people and making new friends. They are constantly enhancing their skills and knowledge by grasping contemporary styles and designs.